COMEDY & THE CHURCH: Koliko aka Obligado



There is this pastor’s message going viral on social media about ” comedians coming on the holy alter playing jokes with the holy tinz of God &the danger of allowing comedians to crack jokes in Church (alter)…”.
I have watched & listened to the message very keenly & other preachers regarding this issue and I must say….”There are VITAL TRUTHS in their teachings, but not withstanding the attack on comedians or comedy as a career”.
Yes! I subscribe to the fact that, not every (I mean any) comedian should be allowed to mount the alter of God to minister, no matter how funny he/she maybe…(Eph 5:4). Same way, not every musician, dramatist, speakers, and even pastors should be allowed on the alter…cos THE ALTER/ HOUSE/THINGS OF GOD IS SACRED.
BUT MY STAND ON THIS ISSUE is…..comedy is not a sin. It an Art of Laughter. Laughter is God’s nature (psalm 2:4),and its God’s desire to see His children laugh (Gen 21:6). The Word “Comedy” is just a theatrical name attributed to amusement or laughter.
Like most religious Christians will say ‘there is no word like “comedy” in the Bible’…I agree. Same way, there is no ‘Drama or Christian movie’ in the Bible. Yet, Jesus Christ used stories (parables) to illustrate his message. Which can be theatrically called in our modern world as drama, movie, film, poem, playlet, storytelling, etc. Therefore, you will agree with me that every theatrical stories &characters in the Bible was meant to deliver a message for our edification….so as comedy, drama,etc.
Its very unfortunate that the CHURCH TODAY IS A MUSEUM FOR RELIGIOUS PEOPLE WHILE THE WORLD WHICH WE CONDEMN, IS NOW THE HOSPITAL FOR THE BROKEN HEARTED. I am so ashamed how we have driven God’s youth and great talents out of the Church due to criticisms, holier than thou attitude…and still expect to win souls???. The world is given dem what they want: fame and money. Yet, you will collect their tithes, offerings, dedicate their houses, cars,etc from the sources we call sin. God is watching!!!
On a final note, my stand is COMEDY MUST BE EMBRACED IN CHURCH AND CHRISTIAN GATHERINGS such as anniversaries, concerts, special celebration services, church dinners, Christian social outing, possibly once in a while laughter services for kingdom edification,…..NOT during deliverance, miracle, prophetic, word impartation or any other Sunday or sabbath services (1 Corinth 10: 23).
As much as we condemn vulgar, profane, dirty jokes, and jesting with sacred things in the house of God…..there are still clean, ethical, and message driven jokes from God fearing and disciplined comedians that edify not defy the body of Christ. (Eph 5:4).
NB: yes! it is not everyone who brands him self as gospel comedian or say Christian jokes that fears the Lord or knows the Lord.
Pastors &all special advisers to God, pls condemn the sin….embrace the sinner. (John 3:17)
Remember, Every good and perfect gifts is from God (James 1:17)
Laughter heals!!!!
KOLIKO is my name I stand for the truth.
We must use our talent to give GOD glory no matter the criticism.
That is why this year’s edition of laugh in tongues season 3
Is tagged
June 11th is the date.
United believers mission is the venue.
Come and listen to jokes that will change your life.


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