Oshiomole, EFCC and The Corruption War.



The EFFC choice of former governor of Edo State Adams Oshiomole as a guest speaker at a National Anti-corruption Stakeholders’ Summit shows clearly that the country has a long way to go in the fight against corruption.
The invitation is akin to inviting the “devil to give a talk on holiness and sainthood”.
Adams Oshiomole has over fifteen (15) pending petitions of mass looting of Edo state treasury known to the commission( EFCC). His invitation to the seminar is coming at a time he is reported to have boasted that nothing will come out of the petition because of his personal relationship with Magu and APC federal government. This invitation at this time is indeed very curious!
Edo people and indeed Nigerians are watching this drama with great trepidation. We challenge Oshiomole conscience and moral right to speak at an anti corruption platform of any kind. Oshiomole has till this moment not told Edo people about the $54m he collected from the federal government in December 2014. It is alleged that he pocketed that money. Edo people and Nigerians only got to hear of that money because NNPC books were audited.
How do you explain Oshiomole’s acquired estates valued at over N150 billion from the back drop of his earnings as Secretary General of Tailoring Union, through his time as Labour union President and as Governor of Edo state.


Until he willingly, or is compelled to return Edo state looted funds he should be cooling his heels in EFCC financial purgatory for Corrupt Public servants.
Concerned Edo Stakeholders have written several petitions on this matter with boxes load of vouchers and documents of how Oshiomole and his gang, now referred to as Ali Baba and the 40 thieves looted Edo state and even pointed EFCC in the direction of some of the proceeds of the loot!
The only good thing that can come out of the just concluded seminar is for Oshiomole to submit himself for full scale investigation or arrested and we will avail the commission with relevant documents to prove the case against him.
There can be no better way to start the anti corruption war than inviting Oshiomole to answer for his financial crime against the state. Watching yesterday’s event reminds us of the story often told about the “Uselu market thief who after hiding his loot joined others with the loudest voice in asking “where is the thief?
We join others to urge EFFC to swing into action. No need for glamorous talk shows of anti-corruption with tainted characters. God help Nigeria.
Chris Osa Nehikhare
Publicity Secretary
PDP Edo State


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