A girl named Susan OGE decided to share some advice that ought to be useful to other women Out there and she got a back lash from some Facebook users..
Below is the exact message she posted on her Facebook wall and after it are some munched comments from the Facebook users…

1). Most men cannot have sex exclusively with just one woman, for the rest of their lives.

2). Men are created with varied sexual appetite, some men can do without sex for a year, others cannot do without sex for 2 days.

3). A man who’s madly in love with one woman may still have sex with other women but still love his ‘woman’.

4). Some of the best husbands have concubines or mistresses. Their extra marital affairs play a role in keeping the man sane and free of sexual tensions, especially during mid-life crises.

5). If your man is just having sex with some sweet sexy teen or babe, DO NOT WORRY. It’s part of the game.

6). Most highly respected men of God sleep with their wife’s closest friends, trusted church members or domestic staff (house girl) because they cannot chase other women in d open to avoid being seen.

7). Most chronic wife beaters are faithful husbands, they hardly have extra marital affairs.

8). Most ‘extra’ loving husbands have concubines, these concubines keep the man abreast on new ways of making women happy.

9). Your man’s mistress or concubine is most times not interested in you or your home. She has already seen your pictures and those of your kids via your hubby’s phone. She and your hubby just have a sexual understanding or partnership which helps both deal with peculiar individual issues.

10). As a woman, if you go all out in a bid to catch your husband red-handed cheating, you WILL succeed. Then what next? If you listen hard to your domestic servants in their private discussions, you will certainly hear them insult you, so why listen?

11). Judge your man by his responsibilities towards you and the kids, and NOT by who he’s giving ‘Sexual style’ to outside

12) A man who will cheat will cheat irrespective of what you do! Stop checking his phone, don’t go through his mailbox! Stay away from it.

Pls share with your male friends too to “help in keeping him grounded”
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