Shuun Bebe Cries out on stage because of Limbuzee’s Ojuelegba Refix Lyrics (Which One Be who U Help?, Charley U wear Hand Cuff?)



Report reaching us at Zeepy iNspired blog, has been confirmed that Shuun Bebe a.k.a SOB (The Who U Help crooner) lamented bitterly and took offense at Limbuzee’s Ojuelegba performance at the Next Delta Pikin Talent Hunt Grand finale that was held at POSAG Lounge warri.
We learnt that the part of the lyrics that caused his out cry states as follow: “Which One Be who U Help?, Charlie U wear Hand Cuff?
Oops, did I just say that! Yeah that was the part that caused the whole saga.

In Case you don’t know, Limbuzee is a fast rising act from Delta State, Warri to be Precised.
He’s an artiste to watch out for, Believe me when I say this, Limbuzee is likely to be the next best act from south (I will remind you I said this). From being Versatile to performances down to swag are what this very promising artist called Limbuzee possesses.

Limbuzee has worked with some of his fellow Southern artists like Yung Hanz, Erigga, pRo, Vikky blaze, Komtru and so many others down to out of south.

Our Team of reporters were able to have a very quick chit chat with Limbuzee but Shuun Bebe was no where to be found after his performance and this was what Limbuzee had to say:

Reporter: In Your own words, what do you think about today’s show?

LIMBUZEE: Well, I think I was expecting too much than I saw. But what really matters is giving your best at any particular time you are called upon to deliver as an entertainer regardless of the situation and that was exactly what I did.

Reporter: What is your meaning to your lyrics off the “Ojuelegba Refix” “Which One Be who U Help?, Charlie U wear Hand Cuff?”

LIMBUZEE: I have come to realize that there is this mentality of Who U Help going around in the streets and most people are dwelling on the part that says who U help, Forgetting the fact that nobody is going to help you if you don’t help yourself. One thing I want everybody to know is that the lyric wasn’t directed to anybody in particular but to address the fact that you as a person that wants to progress and advance to the next level, you should not wait for anybody to come help you but rather help yourself out first because on the long run everybody thus needs help. That is to say even that rich man you are waiting to ask who You Help?..might have his own problems that he needs urgent help from. So in other words don’t wait for any man to help you as long as you have the “liberty” to HELP YOURSELF.

Reporter: I have heard so Much about your E.P (Extended play) and your new video to the hit single “Know Me” What’s the recent update on that?

LIMBUZEE: regarding that aspect of my carrier which is a step to the next level, the E.P titled T.R.O.L (The Rise of Limbuzee) which contains 6 tracks plus a bonus track with the cover “Ojuelegba Refix” is my recent project which my team and I are working towards the release which is scheduled to happen soon along side the release of the brand new video “Know Me” which is off the E.P. Believe me when I say this, this whole project is worth the wait.

Reporter: I think we should allow you get back to your thing, Thanks for your time.

Click the link below to download and listen for yourself.. Thanks.


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