Who’s Going to Make The Change in our Country, Nigeria? by Momoh Ami


*Is it the Politicians who only care about their selfish interests?

*Is it the Legislator that only make laws that favour them?

*Is it the government that is no longer for the people?

*Is it the Police that is out there to take bribe and oppress the poor?

*Is it the army that at any small opportunity they get, they don’t fail to oppress and intimidate the citizens they are meant to protect?

*Is it the fathers that their Salaries are hardly paid on time? Or the Pensioners that hardly receive their pay?

*Is it the Civil servants who some are real servants in their services?

*Is it the youths who still chants praises and cheers to the same politicians who haven’t contributed positively to their lives?

****Who is really going to change our dear Country Nigeria? Who?

You are suppose to be the change you seek..
Change Yourself first in your own little ways, then you will start seeing changes..

Let all Nigerians stand up and fight for their right in the right way… Its our country and it doesn’t belong to some group of people or one person…

#GodblessNigeria #BeiNspired

Inspired by Momoh Ami @momzee_ent


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