I Want To Crush Boko Haram But Some People Are Frustrating Me – Jonathan


President Goodluck Jonathan on Friday admitted his frustration with the Federal Government’s efforts to tackle insecurity in some parts of the country, which he described as being hampered by sabotage.

The President described the alleged sabotage as a frustration, occurring both internally and externally.

But he did not elaborate on whether the saboteurs are in the government or in the military.

Addressing a delegation which was led by an actor, Segun Arinze,

Jonathan said, “One of our greatest challenges is this insecurity.

We have our frustrations, we have issues of sabotage: internal and external, but we are working very hard and by the grace of God, we will overcome.”

Despite the setback, however, the President assured his visitors that the efforts being put into the war by his government would soon yield positive result.

He admitted that apart from insecurity, the country is faced with challenges of infrastructure but assured that they are all surmountable.

He assured that his administration was committed to improving the situation in the areas of transportation, aviation, ports, roads and power infrastructure.

While lauding members of the entertainment industry for creating positive image for the country, Jonathan regretted that most politicians only generate negative issues.

He said, “Somebody may just look at you as entertainers but you are much more than just the entertainment industry because you create a positive image for Nigeria.

Most of us politicians are just busy generating negative issues. Everyday, they talk about corruption, governance and other issues.

It is you that pump the positive news into the system.”


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