Breaking News:- Boko Haram Now Using Cows To Bomb Communities


Security agents have uncovered a new strategy by Boko Haram to launch terror attacks as the insurgents have now resorted to the use of cows for bombings.

The Federal Government yesterday said with this new strategy, Boko Haram strapped bombs to cows and herded the cows to human settlements before detonating the explosives. However, the Director General of National Orientation Agency (NOA), Mr. Mike Omeri, who doubles as the Coordinator of the National Information Centre (NIC),who disclosed this at a press briefing in Abuja, did not give details on where the insurgents had employed this terror tactic.

Omeri also spoke on Monday’s attack on Damaturu by the insurgents, who launched another attack on Ashaka and Bajoga, in Gombe yesterday, raiding banks and bombing government buildings, including a police station. According to him, normalcy has since returned to Damaturu, the Yobe State capital, and Konduga in Borno State, which the insurgents attacked on Monday.

He said: “The situation in Yobe and Maiduguri is calm… The situation has returned to normal. “Like Maiduguri, the insurgents have resorted to other means of invading society, and that is why they now use bombs; they strap bombs around human beings.
“Sometimes, they strap bombs around cows, and push them to settlements. “That is why we have been calling for more vigilance and total collaboration and cooperation among citizens. “We urge all citizens to be patient, when you are subjected to searches and checks; it is something that we have to live with.

“It happens all over the world, especially when we are faced with what we have.” On the Federal Government’s renewed alliance with Russia, in a bid to buy arms after the United States, its traditional arms supplier had frustrated efforts to acquire certain categories of arms, Omeri said: “Nigeria buys arms from all over the world and we have been buying arms from the Eastern bloc for a long time.




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