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See How much Nigeria President (Goodluck Ebele Jonathan) earns as salary.


Over the last 4 years, President Goodluck Jonathan has pocketed N4.323 billion as salary.

In the same vein, he had within the last three years,paid N626.422 million as tax to the country.

The years which the president earned the salary and paid the tax, according to document from the Federal Inland Revenue Service he released to the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, were 2011,2012 and 2013.

The document showed that the president yearly salary stands at N14, 410, 290. 48 yearly.

The document tagged: “To whom it may concern”, indicated that the president’s source of income was “employment”.

The clearance which was stamped and received in the Legal Services Department of INEC on December 18 2014 reads: “This is to certify that Dr. JONATHAN, Ebele Goodluck (Presidency) has paid income tax assessment for the past three years.

Meanwhile, the Code of Conduct Bureau has cleared Vice President Namadi Sambo to contest the 2015 general elections.

The letter of clearance was issued by the chairman of CCB, Mr. Sam Saba, to Sambo for the 2011 general elections.

It reads: “This is to certify that Arc. Namadi Sambo, the Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, has never breached any of the Code of Conduct for public officers as contained in 5th schedule to (sic) the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, (1999), and has been declaring his assets as and when due.
He is therefore cleared to contest the 2011 Presidential election.”


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2015: INEC Releases List Of 10 Presidential Candidates And Their VP’s.


The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) on Saturday released the list of the presidential candidates to run in the 2015 elections.

They are:

President Goodluck Jonathan of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)

General Muhammadu Buhari of the All Progressives Congress (APC)

Prof. Comfort Oluremi Sonaiya of Kowa Party

Ambrose Albert of Hope Democratic Party

Ganiyu Galadima of Allied Congress Party of Nigeria

Rafiu Salau of Alliance for Democracy

Godson Okoye of United Democratic Party

Dr. Nani Ibrahim Ahmad of African Democratic Congress

Martin Onovo of National Conscience Party

Tunde Anifowoshe-Kelani of Action Alliance

Chekwas Okorie of United Progressive Party.

Their corresponding running mates are:
The Incumbent Vice-President, Namadi Sambo (PDP),

Prof. Yemi Osinbajo (APC),

Saidu Bobboi (Kowa Party)

Haruna Shaba (Hope Democratic Party),

Balarabe Ahmed (ACPN),

Prof. Clinton Cliff Akuchie (AD),

Haruna Adamu (United Democratic Party),

Obianuju Murphy-Uzohue (African Democratic Congress)

Ibrahim Mohammed(NCP),

Comrade Paul Ishaka Ofomile (Action Alliance),

and Bello Umar( United Progressive Party).

INEC’s deadline for the submission of names was December 25 and the commision provided this list in line with the provisions of the Electoral Act; saying the grounds for qualification are as specified in Sections 65′ 106, 131 and 177 of the 1999 Constitution.

The Chief Press Secretary to INEC Chairman, Mr. Kayode Robert Idowu, said: “We have complied with the law; we have published the list of all the presidential candidates in all the states of the Federation. For other elective offices, the lists will be published in their constituencies and senatorial districts as applicable.”

The electoral agency said Nigerians are free to screen the particulars and raise issues if they think any candidate should be disqualified.

INEC said: “The personal particulars are displayed in all the state and local government offices of the commission in the constituencies of the candidates.

“Any person who has reasonable grounds to believe that any information given by any candidate is false or that the candidate is not qualified or is disqualified from contesting the elections should notify the commission in writing within seven days of this publication.”

Eleven conditions under which any of the presidential candidates or other candidates can be disqualified are:

”While a person is disqualified if he or she

(i) has declared allegiance to another country;

(ii) has been elected to the office of President or Governor at any two previous elections;

(iii) adjudged to be a lunatic or declared to be of unsound mind;

(iv) is under a sentence of death or is under a sentence of imprisonment or fine for an offence involving dishonesty or fraud

(v) has in the last 10 years been convicted and sentenced for an offence involving dishonesty

(vi) has been found guilty of a contravention of the code of conduct;

(vii) is an undischarged bankrupt;

(viii) is employed in the public service and does not resign, withdraw or retire at least 30 days to the election;

(ix) is a member of a secret society;

(x) has been indicted for embezzlement or fraud by a Judicial Committee of Inquiry or an Administrative Panel of Inquiry or a Tribunal and which indictment has been accepted by the Federal or State Government;

(xi) has presented a forged certificate to INEC


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After 13 Years Of War In Afghanistan: Obama Ends The Longest War In American History


Honolulu (AP) — President Barack Obama says the longest war in American history is coming to a responsible conclusion. Obama is welcoming the end of U.S. combat operations in Afghanistan. The war came to a formal end Sunday with a ceremony in Kabul. Obama says in a statement that the effort has devastated al-Qaida’s core leadership, brought justice to Osama bin Laden and disrupted terrorist plots. He says U.S. troops and diplomats have helped Afghans reclaim their communities and move toward democracy.

Obama is also honouring the more than 2,200 Americans who have died in Afghanistan since the war started 13 years ago. Obama says those years have tested the U.S. and its military. From a peak 140,000 troops in 2010, the U.S. and NATO plan to leave just 13,500 behind.

Read Obama’s full statement below:

Today’s ceremony in Kabul marks a milestone for our country. For more than 13 years, ever since nearly 3,000 innocent lives were taken from us on 9/11, our nation has been at war in Afghanistan. Now, thanks to the extraordinary sacrifices of our men and women in uniform, our combat mission in Afghanistan is ending, and the longest war in American history is coming to a responsible conclusion.

On this day we give thanks to our troops and intelligence personnel who have been relentless against the terrorists responsible for 9/11–devastating the core al Qaeda leadership, delivering justice to Osama bin Laden, disrupting terrorist plots and saving countless American lives. We are safer, and our nation is more secure, because of their service. At the same time, our courageous military and diplomatic personnel in Afghanistan–along with our NATO allies and coalition partners–have helped the Afghan people reclaim their communities, take the lead for their own security, hold historic elections and complete the first democratic transfer of power in their country’s history.

We honour the profound sacrifices that have made this progress possible. We salute every American–military and civilian, including our dedicated diplomats and development workers–who have served in Afghanistan, many on multiple tours, just as their families have sacrificed at home. We pledge to give our many wounded warriors, with wounds seen and unseen, the world-class care and treatment they have earned. Most of all, we remember the more than 2,200 American patriots who made the ultimate sacrifice in Afghanistan, and we pledge to stand with their Gold Star families who need the everlasting love and support of a grateful nation.

Afghanistan remains a dangerous place, and the Afghan people and their security forces continue to make tremendous sacrifices in defense of their country. At the invitation of the Afghan government, and to preserve the gains we have made together, the United States–along with our allies and partners–will maintain a limited military presence in Afghanistan to train, advise and assist Afghan forces and to conduct counterterrorism operations against the remnants of al Qaeda. Our personnel will continue to face risks, but this reflects the enduring commitment of the United States to the Afghan people and to a united, secure and sovereign Afghanistan that is never again used as a source of attacks against our nation.

These past 13 years have tested our nation and our military. But compared to the nearly 180,000 American troops in Iraq and Afghanistan when I took office, we now have fewer than 15,000 in those countries. Some 90 percent of our troops are home. Our military remains the finest in the world, and we will remain vigilant against terrorist attacks and in defense of the freedoms and values we hold dear. And with growing prosperity here at home, we enter a new year with new confidence, indebted to our fellow Americans in uniform who keep us safe and free.

Source: AP / HuffingtonPost


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New Music : PUSH – Limbuzee @limbuzee_zone


Push artwork

All we can say is that this is Limbuzee season greetings to you… A smashing street joint to inspire you and get you pushing 2015. It’s dope it’s fresh it’s waff city’s finest rapper.

Download and share to support the movement of GoodMuzik. Merry Xmas to you all…

Download links:

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Buhari Is A ‘Semi-Illiterate Jakput’ – PDP


The Peoples Democratic Party has advised Nigerians not to vote for the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari, because he is “semi-illiterate.”

APC presidential candidate, Muhammadu Buhari

Sahara Reporters made it known that the statement was made by the National Publicity Secretary of the party, Prof. Wale Oladipo during a meeting of the party in the diaspora at the party’s headquarters in Abuja on Monday.

Oladipo was quoted saying:

“But I know that God loves this country so much. “God has decided that this country will remain indivisible and has decided that this country will continue to wax stronger.”God has decreed it that we continue to pilot the affairs of this country and continue to implement the transformation agenda. “They have passed through a motion and endorsed their perennial candidate. We have beaten him three times, we are going to beat him once again.

“The next election is going to be between darkness and light, it is going to be between a cross cosmopolitan highly-focused Ph.D holder and a semi-literate jakput. “Nigeria cannot afford to go back, we will continue to move forward.”

Urging the representatives of various chapters to understand that they will be called upon to enlighten Nigerians on the programmes of the PDP wherever they reside in the world, Oladipo said:

“You will also be called upon to counter negative propaganda that the APC is making against our party and our country in different countries of this world.

“Of course, we are not perfect but our mission is perfect. We mean well for this country and we believe the country should continue to be one and that we should be a market-driven economy while at the same time, providing succor for the weak. “


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Who’s Going to Make The Change in our Country, Nigeria? by Momoh Ami


*Is it the Politicians who only care about their selfish interests?

*Is it the Legislator that only make laws that favour them?

*Is it the government that is no longer for the people?

*Is it the Police that is out there to take bribe and oppress the poor?

*Is it the army that at any small opportunity they get, they don’t fail to oppress and intimidate the citizens they are meant to protect?

*Is it the fathers that their Salaries are hardly paid on time? Or the Pensioners that hardly receive their pay?

*Is it the Civil servants who some are real servants in their services?

*Is it the youths who still chants praises and cheers to the same politicians who haven’t contributed positively to their lives?

****Who is really going to change our dear Country Nigeria? Who?

You are suppose to be the change you seek..
Change Yourself first in your own little ways, then you will start seeing changes..

Let all Nigerians stand up and fight for their right in the right way… Its our country and it doesn’t belong to some group of people or one person…

#GodblessNigeria #BeiNspired

Inspired by Momoh Ami @momzee_ent


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10 Beauty Benefits of Honey: inspired by Teri Mendes @terimendes


1. ACNE: Honey’s anti – bacterial properties make it an excellent cleanser for acne. Apply some raw honey to the affected area and rinse off after 10-15 minutes.

  1. SCARS: Honey has a bleaching effect, so regular use of honey on affected area can dramatically fade old or new scars.

3.MOISTURIZER: Honey is very soothing, hydrating and moisturizing. Use honey as a facial mask or use it in any DIY facial mask recipes to reap its benefits.

  1. HAIR CONDITIONER: Honey’s moisturizing and softening properties make it a wonderful hair conditioner. It also gives shine to dull hair. Mix 1 tsbp, raw honey with 2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil and use your hands to evenly dispense the mixture throughout your hair. Rinse off after 20-30 minutes.

  2. ANTI – AGING: Honey is rich in antioxidantsj a tbsp of honey a day keeps the free radicals at bay. Delay the aging of process by making honey a part of your healthy diet. You can also smear honey on your face to get rid of wrinkles and other signs of aging.

  3. LIP SCRUB: Honey makes a wonderful lip scrub. So if you want soft and smooth lips, mix 1 tbsp raw honey with brown sugar and a few drops of lemon juice and apply to your lips gently, exfoliate after 5 minutes.

  4. NAIL CONDITIONER: Honey strengthens your nails and softens your cuticles. Mix a tbsp. of raw honey to Apple cider vinegar which most supermarkets have, and apply to your nails and cuticles. Rinse after 10 minutes.

  5. RAZOR BUMP: Honey prevents bumps and bolts caused by shaving. Apply some raw honey immediately after shaving and rinse off after 10-15 minutes.

  6. DARK CIRCLES: Honey fades dark circles when applied topically. Take a tbsp. of raw honey and apply it to the affected area and rinse off after 20 minutes. Do this twice a week until your dark circles have faded. You can also mix equal parts of honey and sweet almond oil, apply to the affected area and rinse off after 10-15 minutes for better results.

  7. ECZEMA: Honey’s anti-inflammatory properties help calm eczema, rosacea and psoriasis prone skin. Apply some raw honey to the affected area and rinse off after 20 minutes. Manuka honey has also been said to work better than any other type of honey for chronic skin conditions.

iNspired by @Terimendes #BeiNspired


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MONEY SPEAKING!! Politicians And Business Men Raise N21Bn for Jonathan’s Re-election


The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) last night demonstrated why it is the largest political party in Africa

as its fund raising dinner towards President Goodluck Jonathan’s re-election in 2015 generated over N21 billion.
Donors at the fund raiser, which held at the Banquet Hall of the Presidential Villa in Abuja, included businessmen/women, multinational organizations, PDP governors and individuals.
Mr. Tunde Ayeni, who was chairman of the event, opened the set the ball rolling with a donation of N2 billionn on behalf of himself and unnamed friends while a prominent businesswoman and friend of the First Family, Hajiya Bola Shagaya and her friends donated the sum of N5 billion.
The PDP Governors Forum donated N1.05billion. Governor Isa Yuguda of Bauchi State, who spoke on behalf of the governors, said 21 governors of the party donated N50m each.
Some of the other donations on the night are: Oil and Gas sector, N5bn; Transport and Aviation, N1bn; Food and Agriculture, N500m; Power, N500m; Construction, N310m; Road Construction, N250m; those in Real Estate and Building donated N4bn; National Automotive Association, N450m; Shelter Development Limited, N250m; PDP Rivers State stakeholders, N50million; Emzor Pharmaceuticals, N50m; the NDDC governing board, N15m; auto sector, N450m and PDP youth group, N50m.
Speaking at the occasion, Chairman of the fundraiser committee and former Minister of Information, Prof. Jerry Gana, who donated N5billion on behalf of himself and his friends, warned that the 2015 general elections would not be a walk over and urged the party not to underestimate their opponents.
President Goodluck Jonathan in a brief remark thanked the donors and pledged that the funds raised would be judiciously utilised.
The National Chairman of the PDP, Adamu Mu’azu, in his speech reiterated that “Power and glory come from God” adding that “those who have won should involve everybody in their campaigns in order to make them family campaigns”.
Present at the event were Vice President Namadi Sambo, Senate President David Mark, House of Representatives Deputy Speaker Emeka Ihedioha, PDP governors, Ministers and the Chairman, Board of Trustees of the PDP, Chief Antony Anenih.
The huge donations, according to the Electoral Act, contravenes the law.
Section 221 of the 1999 Constitution prohibits a State Government from contributing to the election expenses of any candidate or aspirant.
The Electoral Act Section 91 (90 of the Code of conduct for Political Parties and Elections limits individual donations and contributions to a maximum of N1m.
Also, the Electoral Act, Section 91, criminalizes contravention of limitation on election expenses.
A presidential Candidate, who knowingly contravenes it, is liable to a maximum fine of N1, 000,000.00 or imprisonment for a period of 12 months or both.


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84-Year-Old’s Date With Teen Twins Turns Into Nightmare: Cops


An 84-year-old New Yorker’s date with two 17-year-old twin sisters ended with the senior citizen tied up and robbed, according to police.

The New York Times reports that Paul Aronson met up with 17-year-old Shaina Foster last month through, a sugar daddy site that bills itself as a place “where beautiful, successful people fuel mutually beneficial relationships,” according to the Times.

After a first date, Shaina brought her twin sister Shalaine along to the second. The trio dined at an “expensive restaurant” and then Aronson invited them back to his apartment for a drink, court documents said.

That’s when Shaina told authorities things got out of hand.

“He asked to do things I wasn’t going to do,” she told Detective Darryl Ng. “He is ugly, old and disgusting. I tied him up. I took his money and left. He was starting to creep me out.”

The New York Daily News reports that the sisters allegedly tied Aronson up with zip ties, stole $420 worth of cash from his wallet and took his credit card. They then went on a shopping spree and bought makeup, police said.

Shaina Foster told authorities she was surprised Aronson called police.

“The old man reported me? I don’t understand why he reported me,” she said, according to court documents.

The New York Post reports that on Wednesday, Shalaine Foster’s lawyer said his client was brought along by her sister and didn’t take part in any of the crimes her sister allegedly committed.

“There’s always that story of the good twin and the bad twin, who goes right and who goes wrong,” Brian Kennedy said. ”​My client Sh​alaine was always going right but it seems she got caught up in something that was not of her making.”

The pair are charged with kidnapping, burglary, robbery, assault and grand larceny. They are being held without bail.

The age of consent in New York is 17, which may at least partially explain why Aronson isn’t facing any charges.


I’m just mingling & having fun (Am not ready for marriage yet) – Wizkid on his relationship status…


Starboy Wizkid has said it time without number that he is not getting married anytime soon.He has also said contrary to popular opinion, he invests his money wisely.He also said though he charges for collabos,he never pays for one because he is confident in himself ..

Interview with WizKid:

Talking about investment, where are you sinking your money?

Properties and jewellery… I don’t spend money on stupid things. I just try as much as possible to do me. I’m a grown man. I have problems too. I have a child I’m taking care of. I have responsibilities too, believe it or not..
You talked about doing a song with Chris Brown, when is it dropping? And did you pay for it?

Yeah, yeah I have a song with Chris Brown. Done actually; we are shooting the video in about two or three weeks. It’s going to drop early next year. Did I pay to do it? No, no payment at all. I don’t pay anyone for collaborations men. I’ve never paid for collaboration because I’m confident of the type of music that I make.

Expecting any child soon?
Expecting ke?

No wedding on your card?
There is nothing like that.

Is Wizkid single and searching?
Wizkid is just a star boy, having fun and mingling things (laughs).

How true is it that  Wizkid like showing off his wealth on social media?…
Yes, didn’t use to have all these things now. I hustled to get them. From where I am coming from, if I get all these things, I have to show them to motivate. You knew me in my Surelere days now; did I use to wear gold chain? Abi na lie I dey lie? No be lie now. So if I get all these type of things, you go thank God. I need to motivate boys for street. I no dey thief, I no dey do any other thing dan music..

Every now and then, people call you out. Is wizkid such a terrible person?
I tire o. I tire for the matter o. Well, people have their opinion about other people.

People say you are terrible. The thing you should actually do is ask those people what exactly has this guy done to you?

For four years that I was making music with Samklef, everyone knew who Samklef was; I was going up and down and saying Samklef noni, Right? You understand wetin I dey try talk. So I’m really just being me. I’m just trying to be a good person. Everyone cannot like you. And everyone cannot hate you.


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