Fresh Music: Mario Xtreme – No letting Go (audio)


Mario Xtreme real name Maro Emuo is no new comer to the industry, formerly of the rock band that brought you the 2006 alternative hit ‘nepa bring the light”and known for his award nominated alternative single “Suddenly” which was released 2012,followed by couple of other singles.
He decided to take a break from music to focus on other aspects of his life although not neglecting the music aspects totally..
Out with a brand new style different from what he is usually known for,MX went hard on his latest effort and titles it “No Letting Go”.

No Letting Go is a song embedded with a dose of reality, talking about believing, having faith and saying no to defeat no matter how hard it gets..
A great naija fusion mixed with an amazing and inspiring chorus with a lovely melody..

“Mario Xtreme”
” No Letting Go is from a personal experience, wrote this song at a time when things where pretty bad and it served as a point of encouragement,i had to dust my self up and get back on my feet..”

Download and check out his new single…..



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