Jesse Jagz Finally Reveals Why He Left Chocolate City Music & Why He Does Not Collabo (READ)


Rapper Jesse Jagz in a recent interview with Nigerian Tribune spoke at length over an array of subjects and revealed a lot of things.

He spoke about walking out on Chocolate City Music explaining that it was a personal decision, one that M.I Abaga his brother wasn’t involved in.

He also revealed he doesn’t do a lot of collaborations because he doesn’t love to share his music with another artist as he feels it’s a sacred and special thing for him and working with several other artist wouldn’t be good for him in the long run as he always wants to fans to long for more and never have too much of him.

When asked if there’s anyone he looks up to in the industry? He said;

I look up to no one. I am inspired and have been inspired by a lot of great people, but I look up to me. I don’t want to be like anyone out there. #BeiNspired #GoodMuzik


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