Amazing! Girl Born With No Legs Become Gymnastics Champion [PHOTOS]


The unbelievable story of Jen Bricker began 27 years ago when, after being born with a genetic defect, she was adopted into the Bricker family.

Despite all difficulties a girl who was born without legs, Jen Bricker, has become a champion gymnast.

Brought up in the small Illinois town of Oblong, Jennifer Bricker excelled as a youngster at volleyball, basketball, gymnastics and softball, despite not having
legs. The family had only one rule never use the word ‘can’t’.

This positive outlook allowed Jen to take up a hobby that many others in her position would have thought impossible. Starting off by practising on a trampoline, by the time she was a teenager Jen was the tumbling champion in her home state of Illinois.

Like many young gymnasts her age, she was always enthralled by the US gymnast Dominique Moceanu, who won a gold medal in the 1996 Olympics.

When, at the age of 16, she asked her adoptive parents about her background, found out that her actual last name was the same as the gymnast she had looked up to for several years.

She said: ‘[My mother] handed a document and said, “You’re never going to believe this, but your biological last name is Moceanu.
As soon as the words left her lips, I knew what it meant my childhood idol was my sister.

Since then we’ve become close and I feel like a piece of the jigsaw of my life has fallen into place” A few years later, and after writing several
letters to her biological sister, Jen finally met Dominique.

Now Jen is a professional aerial gymnast who has enjoyed a close relationship with her sister.


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